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The historic city of Thessaloniki (Salonika)

This article is going to be a tour guide of the city of Thessaloniki in which are suggested routes with historical interest. You can find instructive information about the monuments, the archaeological sights and the historical attractions of the city which for years is proclaimed as the ‘’ Cultural Capital of Europe’’. Let’s start this heritage walk in the historic city of Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki, a city of history In 315 BC, Cassander the King of Macedonia, joined up 26 townships in the Thermaikos Gulf, and thus founded a new city for his kingdom which would grow into a large commercial

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The location of Ancient Pylos

Ancient Pylos, as it’s reported by Pausanias, is in Koryfasio (6klm. at the northwestern part of the recent town) and was built and inhabited by the mythical Pylos, who came with the Leleges from the town of Megara. Later, they were expelled from Nyleas who came with the Pelasgians from the town of Iolcos in Thessaly and built a new town with the name ‘’Helian Pylos’’. After the Messenian War, Pylos declined until the 371BC when was rebuilt by Epaminondas giving it the name Koryfasio. Later the town was inhabited by the Romans (589BC), the Eurasian Avars who named it

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