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Ancient Greek clothing

The common clothes of the ancient Greeks were the chiton, the peplos, the himation and the chlamys. It’s wrong to believe that the ancient people were wearing only white clothes. Clothes existed in several colors and sometimes the colors and the style were indicating the social and the financial status of the person who wore them. The clothes of the ancient Greeks were easily sewed. Of course, the fashion and the habits changed depend on the historic periods and the local areas. For example, there was the Doric attire which was quite simple and the Ionic attire which had a

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Ancient Greek Ships – The Ancient Greek Trireme

The ancient Greek trireme was a successor of triakontoros and pentekontors ancient Greek ships and the ancestor of the Roman trireme and of almost all other known downstream vessels, namely the Byzantine Corvette, the corvette and the galley (late 18 century AD). It was first built by the Corinthian shipbuilders as a successor of the Pentekontors and the bireme ancient Greek ships. Its construction was headed by the shipbuilder Ameinoklis, who solved the problem of putting three rows in the limited space available to the ancient Greek bireme (7th century BC). Pentekontors was already a ship with amazing capabilities and

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Angelokastro Corfu

Angelokastro is one of the most vital Byzantine Castles within Greece. It is situated on the Corfu island at the highest peak of island’s beach within northwest coast close to Palaiokastritsa, which is particularly built on the rocky and precipitous terrain. It is based on thousand ft. on the steep cliff over the beautiful sea.  As per the survey of the City of Corfu as well as mountains of the Greek mainland it stands towards the southeast as well as a large area of Corfu to the northwest and northeast.  However, the origin of this name is never cleared as

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Photographing archaeological sites in Greece

 Greece is a country of high mountains, dense forests and the sea. It is located by the Mediterranean Sea and boasts of innumerable beaches and ports that are worth visiting. However, Greece also boasts of many man-made marvels. These are the ancient architectural buildings and art objects that one can find in selected spots across Greece. These archaeological sites are always objects for photographing. Such Photographing archaeological sites in Greece is resorted to by tourists, students, scholars of art, archaeology, photography or history, business travelers and even the Greeks themselves. In fact, the travelers to Greece almost never visit the

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