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Dolphins in Greece

Dolphins are among the most amazing creatures present in waters almost all over the world. They are very intelligent and friendly . You can play with the dolphins without any hesitancy. Dolphins are present in almost each and every ocean of the world. They may also be present in the rivers, but only in some major rivers. Various species of dolphins are found in the Amazon River in Brazil and also in some huge rivers in India. Dolphins are very amusing animals and people love to play and enjoy with them. But under certain circumstances these beautiful creatures are at

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The best destinations for Camping Holidays

Are you planning to visit Greece on a holiday? Know about the perfect places in the country for camping holidays. Greece has thousands of visitors every year who go to relax in the wonderful beaches, swim in the clean and clear waters and pay a visit to the top archaeological sites in the world. The Greeks are very proud of their nation and want every visitor to taste the beauties of the country. Read this guide to find the top camping holidays destinations in the country. Greece is a wonderful country to visit and has a rich history, cultural heritage

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National Parks in Greece

Despite being a small country, Greece has a wonderful and rich variety of different landscapes, fauna and flora. Along the coasts one can find wetlands, lakes and lagoons, pebble and sandy beaches and beautiful river deltas. Inland, magnificent high mountains, deep ravines, gorges and  valleys abound. The islands, both large and small, scattered throughout the Aegean and the Ionian Seas, offer their own beauty. Crystal blue seas, small coves, uninhabited islets and reefs are waiting to be explored. As a result of the differing landscape types and the climate, the wetlands create a perfect environment for a huge number of

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Sea Turtles in Greece (Caretta Caretta)

Evolution and adaptation The records of fossils suggest that sea turtles caretta caretta are contemporaries of the dinosaurs. Although dinosaurs disappeared, turtles continue to survive until today. Those ancient turtles lived in marshes. Later some of them began to live on land while others spent most of their lives in water. Throughout the evolutionary process sea turtles have retained the following features: •    Like all reptiles they are coldblooded, which means that they use the heat of the environment as the main source of maintaining body heat. •    Resemble primitive amphibians and birds that have a single small bone in

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Top ten outstanding beaches in Greece

How do you select the ideal beach for you? Are you looking for activity and services or a peace and quiet atmosphere? The islands in Greece have beaches to cater to everyone’s taste. These beaches stand in the top ten beaches across the world. The interesting aspect of these beaches is that they have their own unique style and character. Most of the beaches are tiny and remote; perfect for the two of you. Read this guide to find the top ten beaches in the country. The well-known Greek islands have many appealing features. People are greatly drawn to these

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