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The Castle of Methoni

Methoni is a village in Messenia of Greece and is the perfect place to have a well earned vacation. With the beautiful breathtaking sandy beaches, restaurants, taverns, hotels and its historical castle the village is one of the leading tourist destinations and it’s no wonder the industry dominates other sectors such as agriculture which comes second. Located just a short drive from the beautiful town of Pylos, the castle of Methoni is a magical sight to behold. Standing mighty and high imposing its unending glory, this Venetian styled castle covers a vast area of land as it overlooks the sea.

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The Prehistoric town of Knossos

The Greek myths tell us stories about King Minos, the labyrinth and the Minotaur. All this actually took shape only in this century with the discovery of the palace from which Minos ruled. The location of Knossos lies 5 km south of Heraklion, Crete. With the complex plan passes, staircases and hidden rooms, the palace could be named as maze, like the one Minotaur lived in. In reality the ruins are the remnants of a typical complex, with houses and a governor, whose people showed great interest in painting the walls with bright colors and sophisticated hydraulics. Such features make

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The location of Ancient Pylos

Ancient Pylos, as it’s reported by Pausanias, is in Koryfasio (6klm. at the northwestern part of the recent town) and was built and inhabited by the mythical Pylos, who came with the Leleges from the town of Megara. Later, they were expelled from Nyleas who came with the Pelasgians from the town of Iolcos in Thessaly and built a new town with the name ‘’Helian Pylos’’. After the Messenian War, Pylos declined until the 371BC when was rebuilt by Epaminondas giving it the name Koryfasio. Later the town was inhabited by the Romans (589BC), the Eurasian Avars who named it

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